Houston’s First Free-Roaming Multiplayer Virtual Reality Gaming Venue Comes Closer To Reality

Zero Latency Houston is Houston’s first free roaming virtual reality gaming venue. We have started construction at 12143 Katy Freeway in the Tully Shopping Center. As you can see, we are tearing it up! Literally tearing down the old venue and building a new virtual reality gaming warehouse. Spread your team out or stay close together. This is where you can gain the upper hand on your opponents or maneuver with your team to victory!

You will soon be able to enter a virtual world where you roam freely, without a tether, encountering space robots and zombies that you and your teammates must overcome to survive. You have never experienced anything like this before. We know this because we are the first free roaming virtual reality venue in Houston.

Get geared up with high definition virtual reality headsets, high fidelity headphones and your weapon – your best friend. You are wirelessly ready to experience other worlds! Virtual reality headsets allow more fluid gameplay making strategy games better. There is usually a lot going on in the virtual environment at the same time. Virtual reality allows you to manage your battlefield with ease. Turn your head left to find your partners, then right to check your headquarters. Your body is the controller.

Take your preparation briefing in the ready room to prepare for your experience. Talk strategy with your team then execute! Make sure to keep up on your situational awareness – don’t let anyone sneak up behind you or your teammates. Keep your communications lines open!
There are many different worlds you will experience. We will tell you what you can expect in another blog post. But if you can’t wait, visit the Zero Latency website to find out more about the virtual reality world that awaits you.

We are planning on opening the last week in September. Sign up to receive newsletter for progress notes, updates and special offers to Houston’s first free roaming virtual reality gaming venue.