Game Room Warehouse Complete, Keeping it Cool!

Greetings, Houston gamers and virtual reality enthusiasts! The waiting will soon be at an end. Construction at Zero Latency Houston is entering the final stages as you read this. The graphics in the game room warehouse are done.

Believe it or not, this air conditioning is up and running and working now to cool the hottest new VR arcade in Houston. Are you and your team ready to strap on your HP Reverb headsets and experience the next level in video gaming?

Wondering what adventure awaits you? Imagine a secret space station gone dark. No signs of life detected…human life, anyway. You and your squad are tasked with the investigation. Thus, your journey to space begins, but will the answers you find lead to your end? Your gravity boots may keep your feet firmly planted on the floor – or walls – but this interstellar thriller will leave you feeling out of this world!

Singularity, the best new virtual reality experience in Houston, is a race against the machines. Enter an immersive, science fiction shooter on a station stranded in the depths of space. Fight to the death against killer robots as you explore narrow corridors, treacherous lifts and zero-gravity environments. Bring swift destruction to your cybernetic foes with four blaster modes – scatter, beam, pulse rifle and rail gun. You’ll also be equipped with a deployable force shield that will keep you protected, should you come under heavy fire. You’ll need to work together to get out alive and find the answers you’re looking for. Human intelligence versus artificial intelligence – which will it be?!

Planning an epic date night? Looking for more than bowling? Now that the game room warehouse graphics are complete, you can give your date a night they won’t forget – a journey into virtual reality together. We promise – it’ll be out of this world!