What Does Latency Mean?

The dictionary tell us that latency is, “the delay before a transfer of data begins following an instruction for its transfer.”

What the heck does that mean? Well, lots of things happen between the time you click on that Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn icon and the app appearing on your screen. There are lots of pipes the data must go through to get there and come back. The longer it takes, the more latency you have. You see, latency makes you wait. And we don’t like waiting, especially when we are in full immersion video gaming mode, that’s why we are Zero Latency Houston.

We remove the video and audio latency by removing all those data pipes, wires, servers and communications equipment. We are building a warehouse where you can move around with the communications gear tracking your position in the grid right there in the facility. Your backpack, virtual reality headset, audio headphones that you wear are all communicating with the warehouse systems to portray a realistic virtual world for your to experience.

When you step into a Zero Latency virtual reality session, your mind and body believe they are experiencing the environment developed by our programmers. That experience comes to your eyes and ears with Zero Latency – no waiting. I’m sure you have experienced latency on your home game console. Well, at least I have. The system lags when you are in a close battle with someone – or worse – a zombie – then boop – just a half second and your avatar dies. Game over – start over – re-spawn – whatever. It’s frustrating and unfair – but what can you do about it? Maybe you should come to Zero Latency Houston and experience what zero latency really is.

The speed and reality of a Zero Latency experience is like no other. You need to come check it out. Seeing is believing – at Zero Latency Houston.