Engineerium – Fun Group Activities in Houston – Out of This World!

Looking for fun group activities in Houston? What could be better than a get together with State-of-the-Art and One-of-a-Kind experiences?!

Construction progress is steady and on target for Zero Latency Houston, located at I10 and Dairy Ashford in Houston, Texas. The game room will be painted this week and made ready for vinyl wall and floor graphics installation.

The adventure games at Zero Latency Houston are created on a SLAM platform (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) which transports the players’ real-world location into the virtual reality scene. Like most other technologies, SLAM has been continuously improved over time. It is used in robotics and self driving car applications as well as virtual reality gaming. Zero Latency Houston is only the third venue worldwide to employ Zero Latency’s latest system version implementing this new technology integrating camera and visualization systems into the mix.

Zero Latency Houston will also be one of the first commercial enterprises worldwide to use the HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headsets – state of the art technology for a seamless, immersive experience! Zero Latency Houston is not all about the tech – it’s about the experience!

Speaking of experience, you’ll want to try out Engineerium, one of several adventures available at Zero Latency Houston. It’s mind-bending fun! You and your group will be transported into a fantastical, alien world, suspended above an ocean, where gravity does not function as expected. In fact, nothing is as expected in this world designed to test your ability to coordinate your mind and body. Turn your world upside down! Defy gravity as you walk among flying whales and up and down ramps and twisty, curvy walls. Teamwork is the key to progressing through this fun, puzzling virtual reality world. It’s a walking journey that’ll leave you questioning your own reality!

Are you looking for a retreat location or workshop space to rent? Need to find new team building ideas in Houston? What about a work event or holiday party? We have the perfect solution for fun group activities in Houston! Our fully equipped meeting room and private event spaces will comfortably accommodate 30 people and we have 2 additional break-out rooms for smaller groups of 8 to 10. Challenge your team with a unique, one-of-a kind experience to stimulate new ideas and have some fun! Cultivate teamwork by exploring and navigating an alternate reality together!

Give us a call at 832.617.7430 or email us at info@zlhouston.com or fill out a form on our Events page.