Zombie Outbreak Origins – Where Is That?

Outbreak Origins

We don’t really know the origin of the zombie. Some say it started in Ancient Greece where archaeologists revealed ancient graves containing skeletons pinned down by rocks and other heavy objects to prevent bodies from reanimating. Others say zombies originated in Haiti, the Caribbean, Brazil, the American south in the 17th century where voodoo practitioners called bokors used herbs, shells, fish, animal parts to create “zombie powders” that lead to paralysis and coma – that could make a person appear dead, then come alive.

The United States Center for Disease Control even have a Zombie Preparedness Guide. Look at how to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse! Zombie preparedness looks an awful lot like hurricane preparedness, but I’ll leave that up to the CDC experts! And you don’t have to deal with the real zombies either! Just come to the Zero Latency Houston venue and use the virtual reality technology to experience the zombie apocalypse in Houston!

Our virtual world – zombie outbreak origins virtual reality game – is a group activity. Up to 8 people can play together as a team to eradicate the zombies in your way to freedom. A new virtual reality experience with no tethers to tie you down. You walk through the physical and virtual worlds. Rather than hand controllers we use a gun controller to allow you to do your business with the undead without getting bitten. You must shoot to survive!

Speaking of zombies, the virtual world is suddenly under the scourge of a deadly new virus, one that leaves the victim an undead corpse of rotting flesh with no feelings and super human powers, a ZOMBIE! They’re alive but dead, the living dead, and travel in hoards and crave living flesh, attacking everyone in sight. The virus is spread by bite, and those bitten by a zombie soon become infected, rapidly mutating into a zombie themselves. That’s the problem; their numbers are increasing with each attack as partially eaten victims become the very creatures which assaulted them. The human population is doomed. The entire world is destined to become a herd of zombies if you and your friends don’t do something about it.

Zombies are in various states of decay. The more flesh they have, the harder they are to kill. But they can be killed, permanently, by well placed multiple shots from a conventional firearm. The best strategy is a body shot followed by a head shot.

Your team is defending a group of scientists frantically seeking a cure from the virus. You must stave off the repeated attacks. Remember, they travel in hoards and the come fast from every direction, even behind you. Or above you and drop on you from helicopters!

You will have a gun and plenty of ammo. Your gun is a rifle, an automatic weapon, or a pump action shotgun. You get to choose. Be smart; strategize; work together; cover each other’s 6 o’clock. But shoot fast and take dead aim. They’ll be on you if you miss.

The zombies are going to try to disable you (a kill) before eating. But you have another chance! If you get back to home base where you can get medical treatment and back into action to fight and kill more zombies. Just be more careful. Watch out for the fat zombies and don’t get BITTEN!

Come visit us for the latest VR adventure in Houston. It’s more fun than bowling, and you can experience the zombie apocalypse first hand with your friends! Don’t just take our word for how much you will enjoy the zombie outbreak origins virtual reality game, see what others are saying about it!

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